Arizona Landscaping Ideas

Arizona landscaping ideasLandscaping in Arizona requires a special strategy, with so much warmth and sunshine that many plants won't thrive here. Planning out a drought-tolerant, desert-friendly yard will result in a beautiful landscape to enjoy all year round. 

Check out our ideas to help you get started. 

Focus on the Water

The key to success in any desert landscaping plan is being mindful of water. You can choose to forgo all plants, but that can sometimes results in a dull, or even depressing, look. 

On the other hand, being mindful of the cost of water and the limited resources available is important. In everything you plant, consider how much water will be required to help it thrive. Drought-tolerant plants will be in your best interest for long term success.

Address Leaks Right Away

One of the fastest ways to waste water without knowing it: leaks. Before beginning your plan, do a thorough check of all irrigation in the yard to ensure only the water you plan to use is being used. 

Periodically, take the time to walk through the yard and identify any leaks. Even a slowly dripping faucet can result in hundreds of dollars of wasted water over the year. 

Use a Greywater System

Greywater is reclaimed water from non-hazardous applications in your home, like dishwater or a drained bathtub. It's water that is not potable, but perfectly suitable for watering plants. 

To utilize greywater, first check with your city to confirm that it is allowed and find out if there are any requirements or restrictions. Next, work with a plumbing contractor to install a system that will collect greywater from your home. There are multiple ways to utilize greywater, including connecting it to your irrigation system or using a hose for normal watering.

Incorporate Xeriscaping into the Design

Xeriscaping is specifically designed to handle drought conditions. It combines hardscaping elements and plants that require minimal water, perfect for Arizona. 

Consider adding color, texture, and interest to your design without adding plants by adding pavers or stamped concrete. Mulch and gravel pathways are also great options for incorporating interest and color without adding anything that needs water. A winding mulch pathway or a rock border can replace a significant portion or lawn or garden bed. 

Cacti are another classic xeriscaping choice. These native plants are designed to thrive in the Arizona climate, and come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Not all feature prickly thorns, so they can be still suitable in yards with pets or children. 

Water at the Right Time

Did you know the time of day you water is important? Watering during the coolest part of the day will allow the maximum amount of water to soak into the ground, rather than evaporating because of the heat. An early morning or middle of the night watering session is ideal.

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