When is the Right Time to List?

When is the best time to list a house in Arizona?When is the Right Time to List?

Probably one of the number one questions we get asked from homeowners and sellers is when is the right time to list the property? Most people think waiting until spring or summer to list is ideal but with such low inventory over the last five years and specifically over the last 18 months, timing the listing is not as important as pricing it correctly.

Many homeowners think that because of the tight market they can simply overprice the home and they'll get whatever they want because there is a shortage of inventory but that's not always the case. While spring and summer tend to be more popular, everyone puts their homes on the market between spring and summer so the competition is actually flooded more than you might think. Even in a tight inventory situation, waiting and tell everyone else lists, means you may not get the top dollar that you really want.

Regardless of what you might hear on HDTV, you don't necessarily need to list in spring and summer-like everyone thinks. We actually see a lot of homes come on the market and then back off the market and if they price their home higher than the average for their area then by the time the home price actually comes up to meet their list price, they want to squeak out another 10% higher, making the homestay on the market even longer.

When you have so many homes coming on the market at the same time it breeds competition. And while sellers might think competition is great in the hopes that they'll have a bidding war, that's not always the case for every home. The more supply there is the lower the demand goes. Even in a heavy seller's market, more inventory can push down prices. It also opens things up for buyers to ask for more liberties.

So if somebody says in the dead of winter that they can't sell their home, that they have to wait until spring or summer, this is just not the case. In fact, for several years running, December has been one of our busiest months for listings, not just because of competition but our weather. Arizona is a perfect time to buy in the winter. Buyers are also more motivated and were able to get more transactions completed. Another reason is that real estate brokers simply stopped working during some of these holiday months. This is typically why we sell 100+ homes each year. This is also why many high net individuals trust us with multimillion-dollar properties.

If you're considering listing your property, even if you are a couple of years out, JS Real Estate can take a peek at it and put together a plan of action and maybe give you a list of items here or there that need to get taking care of or maybe things that you should not complete and rather invest that money into your next property.

As with all of our real estate clients, we tailor a plan and a marketing strategy that fits your life, your budget, and your future financial goals. When getting really specific, if you need to list, now is the time to list but there are strategies about listing different times of the week and even different times of the day. In this tight real estate market, homes are flying off the shelf quickly so knowing when to list, how to negotiate those offers coming in, and how to accept the right offer for you is our specialty.

When you're ready to list your Phoenix real estate, Scottsdale home or any property in the area, contact our office at any time.

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